W3SZ Soundcard Database Main Page

This is the main page for accessing the Soundcard Database.

Your choices are to go to the Data Entry Form

or to go to the display of soundcards with four or more audio channels

or to go to the display of soundcards with 2 audio channels

or to go to the display of all soundcards with any number of audio channels.

On each of the data display pages, you can select those records tha have the desired characteristic from the pull down menu that is located immediately beneath the “W3SZ Soundcard Database” heading and then typeing the characters you want to select into the text box next to the pull down menu, and within a small fraction of a second you will have only soundcards with the desired characteristics displayed. Or, if you prefer, you can leave the pulldown menu set to “All Columns” and if your desired search term appears in ANY column it will be selected.

You can sort the display of results on any column by clicking the column header. You can reverse the sort order by clicking again.

You can select 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100 entries per page.

You can cycle through the pages by clicking the buttons on the left below the datagrid display.

Each of the pages has at the bottom of the page a link back to this page.

In order to maintain a clean look for the datagrid, displayed comments are limited to 300 characters. However, the database will store comment lengths of up to 1000 characters. In order to see the complete text of comments longer than 300 characters, left-click on the button labeled “Show Long Comments” and a page displaying the complete text for the records with quotes of length greater than 1000 characters will be presented. To return from that page to the page containing all records, click the button labeled “Return”on that page.

The data entry form has freehand text boxes for callsign, date, soundcard name, soundcard driver, and comments. The other boxes are pulldown menus. The date must be entered as mm-dd-yyyy. But if you have a modern browser such as Chrome, a Calendar widget will appear associated with the text box for date and you can use that to enter the date. Some browsers that have the Calendar widget function will display the date in a different format, but it will still be placed into the database correctly in those cases. If you make no date entry, then the current date will be entered into the database automatically.

If you have used a given soundcard with multiple operating systems, please make a separate record for each operating system. If you use the browser back button to return to the data entry page from the post-data-entry page, all of the data that you had just entered into the form will have been retained so you can just make changes where needed and then left-click “Submit” again to enter the new record with minimal effort. Also, if you have used both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of a given operating system with a given soundcard, please make separate records for 32 and 64 bits.

Don’t forget to check out the soundcard listings at Larry Phipps N8LP’s website!

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